What Are Some Good Resorts To Enjoy Beach Holidays In Sri Lanka?

Stretching over an area of about 600 miles, the shining coastline in Sri Lanka offers the perfect getaway to international tourists. If you are in search of a relaxing vacation, this country has numerous dream destinations for solo travelers as well as families. If you respect the cultural and political history of the country, the locals will be your best guide. You can mingle with the friendly population and learn a lot of things starting from Yoga and meditation to the ancient history of the country. Need some time away from the daily hustle and bustle? Book your space in one of the posh resorts mentioned below and enjoy your beach holidays in Sri Lanka.

beach holidays in sri lanka

Dickwella Resort

Located at a distance of three and a half hours from the Colombo airport, this is a beautiful resort to spend a relaxing vacation. It is surrounded by the ocean on all the three sides and, offers picturesque views of the beaches, bays and surfs. Listen to the waves crashing against the rocks for hours and you will automatically feel an elated sense of peace. You can take fishing trips in the morning with the locals or grab your dinner at the torch-lit barbecue restaurants along the shore, whatever you wish. It is your paradise. However, talk to your tour operators before booking a room in this luxury resort. They may provide you with exclusive tour packages in Sri Lanka along with a discounted rate of rooms. Do your research properly before you invest.

Uga Bay

This amazing resort is situated on the East Coast of Sri Lanka. People having a knack for snorkeling and diving can opt to stay in this place overlooking the Passikudah Bay. It has some great views and quite luxurious rooms. An apt place to stay for water enthusiasts, the resort is 25 minutes from the Batticaloa Airport. It has 46 rooms and 2 suites, ideal for people from all types of economic backgrounds.

Jetwing Lighthouse

This is an eco-friendly hotel for tourists having a thing for the historic city of Galle. It offers amazing community activities that stress the importance of the environment. With its manicured gardens, spas, swimming pools, and restaurants, this place has no match for the international tourists. If you have a good budget, you can easily book your holiday in this hotel and create everlasting memories.

Ranweli Holiday Village

If you are too stressed with the city life and waiting to break free from it all, this place is ideal for you. It’s green ambiance, Ayurvedic and Yoga centers will rejuvenate your mind, body and all your senses. You will return home, feeling completely energized and different from what you were before you took the trip. It also offers a herbal garden where you can learn the various heath benefits of Mother Nature. Peace and simplicity are two of the main USPs of this resort.

Looking forward to taking that vacation? Talk to an experienced tour operator and pick one of the best tour packages in Sri Lanka that offer some of the aforementioned amenities. It is true that the costs of holidaying in the country are pretty high. But, if you can pick a suitable package, your budget will come down to some extent. After all, the country has everything to offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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