Make your Checklist before you Visit Sri Lanka

The South-Asian island nation of Sri Lanka is fast becoming an ideal place to visit and people living as far as Australia, the USA and the UK are planning trips with the help of tour operators. Some daring souls are coming here all by themselves and taking their chances. Apart from them, most lone tourists or those accompanied by their families would prefer to go along the planned itineraries framed by the tour operators. If you too are planning a Sri Lankan trip, get hold of the things to look forward to and those that should be avoided.

The Best from the Rest

Although the list of the favourites is too long, we have prepared our own with the select few which are the most popular among the tourists.

  • The Lip-Smacking Dishes: Most tourists from the Western countries find the Sri Lankan food absolutely delectable. The wishlist has an ample number of choices in the form of both veg and non-veg options. The lovers of non-veg food items could opt from the list of sea-foods which are prepared from freshly captured marine products. The vegans could choose from the curries made from naturally grown organic farm products. There is an abundant use of paddy and coconut in almost all food dishes.

    sri lanka coconut dish

Sri Lanka is the spice haven of Asia. The spices are used for flavouring the foods and those willing to take cookery classes could write down the tricks on their note copies. For example, Sri Lankans use red chili powder to prepare veg dishes and roasted red chilli powder to prepare the non-veg items.

  • Marvellous Wildlife: Want to see the elephants and leopards in their wild avatar? Visit various national parks of Sri Lanka. With a stunning beach at the edge, the Yala National Park is the home to bears, elephants and leopards. Want to spot the blue whales? Then try your luck off the shore of Mirissa Beach. Book your trip with tour operators in Sri Lanka.

  • Amazing Beaches: As the country is an island nation, naturally, there are some amazing beaches here in Sri Lanka. Windswept beaches with sandbanks of all colours, they come along in all shapes.

  • Captivating Heritage: Historical cities of Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura would transport you to a bygone era. Dambulla Caves are known for their perfectly carved Buddha statues.

  • Lovely People: Sri Lankan people are the best. They are downright nice, warm and welcoming. When you get such a wonderful company, your journey is bound to turn out memorable.

Things to Avoid

Now let us take a dig at the grey points.

  • Monsoon Season: Unless you love rain, rain and more of it, avoid visiting Sri Lanka during the monsoon season. Sri Lanka experiences a rainy season twice in a year, one from May-September and the other from November to March.

  • Humidity: Well, it is a part of the daily life and is common to the tropical climate of Sri Lanka. However, try to visit Sri Lanka during the comparatively drier months of winter.

The tour operators arrange custom trips and family tour packages in Sri Lanka. It is better to appoint local tour operators for they know the best of the surroundings. Genuine tour operators offer best suggestions to the customers. Add your own research works before starting your trip.

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