Elephant Orphanage & Kandy

A day trip to Pinnewala and Kandy is packed with fun and frolic. Make an early start to your day, and en route to Pinnewala visit the magnificent pineapple garden. Explore miles of pineapple plantation, which is similar to a maze, and be a part of pineapple cutting demonstration and more. Don’t forget to ask for a free plate of the tropical fruit during your visit.

Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage

After the plantation tour, make your way to the Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage. Set amidst green nature, coconut plantations and spice gardens, Pinnewala is a small town where the elephant orphanage is an animal welfare endeavor. Unlike zoos, where elephants are kept in captivity, Pinnewala is renowned as a protection center and nursery for Asian elephants. Be a part of the wondrous experience where you can watch the activities of elephants, feed them and even have limited interaction. These wild animals are allowed to roam about, unchained and uncaged, and taken care by dozens of mahouts (elephant trainers). The best experience is probably watching them bathe in the nearby river, spraying themselves, rolling in mud, and enjoying a natural habitat. For families with kids, Pinnewala is one of the best places to witness elephants. The sheer joy of Pinnewala is sure to be a highlight for kids.

Spice and Herb Garden

The day trip is far from over. Grab your lunch at a local restaurant, taste some Sri Lankan delicacy, and head towards the scenic Kandy. It is almost a criminal offense to visit Sri Lanka, the land of Spices, without actually setting foot into a spice garden. So, on your first stop at Kandy, you will visit a spice and herb garden, that has a wide variety of trees. From well-known ingredients like turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, aloe-vera to Ayurvedic herbs, get acquainted how these exotic elements are grown naturally.

Botanical Gardens

Kandy houses the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens, one of the largest ones in the country, spread across 148 acres. From the breathtaking Royal Palm Avenue to the gigantic Javan fig tree at the great lawn, the garden boasts of its unique collection. Take a walk amongst the tall tower-like trees, or sit back and enjoy colorful orchards of a palate of colors. Spot the sleeping bats hung from the trees, and monkeys swinging in the branches. The garden is overall massive and is a great place to spend with family.

Temple of the Tooth

The authentic charm of Kandy mesmerizes visitors – streets lined with colonial-style buildings, the natural beauty of the hilly terrains, adding up to make it a UNESCO world heritage site. The final stop for the day is the magnificent Royal Palace and Temple of the Tooth, a scared Buddhist Relic. Relive the history of Kandy, the times of the ancient Kings, learn about the Perahera festival and watch the monks engaged in their rituals as you explore this attraction.

This day trip has all the components to make it worthwhile. From witnessing elephants exploring the botanical panorama, and finally finishing in the profound richness of art and culture, indeed, the trip includes something for everybody.

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