Sinharaja Rainforest

Embark on a breathtaking journey through the lush green Sinharaja Rainforest visited as a day trip from Negombo. Rightly regarded as one of many UNESCO World Heritage sights in Sri Lanka, this is the sole virgin rainforest in the country and is nothing less than a paradise for nature enthusiasts.

Whether you want to pursue the touristic route or explore an off beaten path, Sinharaja is a delight for trekkers with ample walking trails. Most of these trails can be covered a couple of hours, and are perfect for amateurs, kids, and family. From climbing the Sinhala peak to experiencing canopy walks, the rainforest withholds numerous excursions for all kinds of visitors.

Grandeur of Birds and Flora

Spread across 7000 hectares of land, this tropical rainforest is home to 60% of Sri Lanka’s endemic flora, fauna, birds, insects, and animals. As you tread lightly upon the moss-covered ground, gaze above to see an array of majestic trees, from 30m-50m in height, standing tall like guards of a magical territory.

The chirping sound of birds including jungle fowl, Ceylon grey hornbill and hanging parrot is music to the ears. You can catch a glimpse of 19 out of 20 endemic Sri Lankan birds including several endangered species like red-faced malkola, Srilankan blue magpie and green billed coucal.

As you cautiously creep through the mysterious forest, you may even get a sneak peek of venomous vipers like Green pit viper or hump-nosed vipers. A wide variety of amphibians will also be welcoming you.

Why visit Sinharaja

The route from Negombo to Sinharaja is adorned with an abundance of quaint houses, flowering gardens, and palms. Explore the unmolested rural Sri Lankan lifestyle before you begin your expedition in the lapse of nature.

Apart from quenching your thirst for exotic birds, plants and animals, you can also relax along the several natural pools scattered throughout the forest. Small waterbodies, fountains and springs make perfect stops for lunch or photo opportunities. Sinharaja is indeed a natural heaven that embraces you with warmth and offers an undeniable pleasing natural expedition. Definitely it is unlike other forests of Sri Lanka, one of its very own, and is an off-beaten trip that is filled with thrill and excitement.

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