Sri Lanka is a country famous for its wildlife, and there are numerous National Parks waiting to be explored. Udawalawe National park, enriched with flora, fauna, and wildlife, is one of the less traversed gateways to the natural wonders, yet one of the most diverse National Parks. It is one of the wildlife reserves in the country that can even give the African reserves a run for their money. Populated with elephants, wild buffalos, leopards, deer, peacocks Udawalawe can be visited as a day trip from Negombo.

Udawalawe National Park

For travelers, if you are willing to sight elephants, make sure you have Udawalawe in your checklist. Home to 400-500 elephants, spotting elephants in this National park is as sure as finding water in the ocean. Experience the elephants in their wild habitat -traveling in herds of 40-50, bathing in water, and more. Wild boars, langur monkeys, lizards, and a variety of raptors can also be sighted during the safari. Also, Indian muntjac, Asian Palm civet, grey langur are some of the occasional sights in the safari.

The primary attraction Udawalawe National Park is the 4D open-top game safari drive to catch a glimpse of the wildlife animals. As you ride with an informative guide, learn about the history of Udawalawe park, how the animals were endangered during the construction of the Udawalawe reservoir and that lead to the construction of this park.

Aside land animals, the National park an ideal residence of several Sri Lankan exotic birds. Near different small water bodies, you can easily spot water birds like Asian open bill, painted stork, cormorants, Eurasian spoonbill, black-headed ibis and more variants. Several endemic species like red-faced malkhola, spur fowl, grey hornbill and migratory birds can also be viewed during the Safari.

Ratnapura Gem Mines

After an exciting safari tour, make a stop at the Ratnapura gem mines. Excavations unearth precious stones like sapphires, cat’s eyes, rubies, yellow sapphire, and zircons among others. Ratnapura also has a gem museum which educates about the production of precious stones from Sri Lanka. As you stroll along the lanes of the ‘City of gems’, learn about the lives of the workers and shop around the gem market.

Visit with Us

The day tour includes two primary destinations, arranged in a way to avoid a rush. We offer a hassle free Safari experience with an experienced guide. From arranging tickets to making stops for lunch, our compact safari tour encompasses all the necessary details. You can communicate with us directly to avail morning or afternoon safaris. Ratnapura visit is also accompanied by an informative local guide.

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